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Brand Affinity Build by Brand Republic for an eCommerce store The Leather Craft

Case Study: How Brand Republic creates the brand affinity for The Leather Craft

The case study explores how the Brand Republic has been created the brand affinity for The Leather Craft. Also, how Republic has leveraged marketing strategy & graphic designs to engage with the consumers and acquire new customers, through interactive formats on Social Media platforms whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube.

Brand Republic knew the goals & objectives of The Leather Craft. So the design & content have utilized astonishing content to create top-of-mind awareness among its targeted audience, and land the message that it has “something for everyone”, which is ‘Custom-Made Leather Jackets’.

The Leather Craft & their Objectives:

The Leather Craft is an e-commerce store, they are craft-driven creators and emphasize designing the best product by using 100% genuine leather and accessories at budget-friendly rates. As you browse through The Leather Craft website you will notice that they constantly keep you informed of the attention to detail, and wherever possible illustrate original material and accessories.

The workers at TLC make sure that their customer gets special care when making their customer-made products. This business was started purely from the passion of producing authentic, luxurious outerwear as good as it could be, and being proud of the end product. And the Brand Republic supports their mission with an extraordinary marketing strategy to graphic designs.

However, The Leather Craft goals are to build awareness, engagement and conversion they wanted to produce organic traffic on their e-commerce website via social media platforms.

Here’s how the BR solutionists executed.


For its different campaigns, Brand Republic put the spotlight on the USP ‘Custom-made Leather Jacket’ and created engaging multi-format experiences around them to bring them to the peak.

Brand Republic’s design & content department has emerged with incredible content & creatives for several campaigns, which includes; giveaways, trivia and discounts, which left a positive impact on Social Media.

However, the Brand Republic team has been boosted the sales and also increased the click-through rate with eye-catchy graphics, whether it’s static posts or videos. The most successful campaign of The Leather Craft is #MakeTheChoice, BR team together pulled off incredible video content, that highlight the usage of the custom-made leather jacket.

The months moved ahead and qualified marketers brought another concept to emphasize The Leather Craft’s USP, the Campaign Idea is #NewYou, which has been presented in such an attractive manner that boost the sales up to 40%. It was an interactive headline for all the social media platforms. Especially the reaction over Pinterest was exceptional and here’s one of them.


Brand Republic Content & Design created extra-impressive brand affinity, here are the results for The Leather Craft.

  • 60K – Link clicks (E-commerce website).
  • 100K – Total reach on Facebook/Instagram since working with BR.
  • 250K – Total impression on Facebook/Instagram since working with BR.
  • 84.7K – Monthly views on Pinterest.

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