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Case Study of OkayHai - BR

Case Study: Compelling Copywriting Double the App Installation for OkayHai

We don’t need more online shopping awareness – we need more people taking action to enjoy it. That’s why an eCommerce platform OkayHai came to us to turn their installations increased with experience-driven, hassle-free shopping campaigns. These campaigns have helped us to increase downloads & sales.

The Brand Republic tested multiple campaigns from engagement to influencer campaigns.

We created the campaign #AbSabOkayHai because during COVID-19 people were not able to shop in the markets. We have taken the challenge and convinced people to shop via their smart gadgets. With just one click they can jump into the pool of items whatever they want.

Online Shopping App - OkayHai App - Brand Republic

The social media behaviour, we have generated compelling copywriting. And we’ve used this content to inspire shopaholics. Lots of it. We have engaged a local community of over 700K. And increased the connecting social media engagement to direct economic impact for the state of Pakistan.

However, with a much-needed new brand strategy and campaign launch, develop a social amplification that supported and extended the campaign, to grow the community, reaches new people, and ultimately drive online store traffic – all during the pandemic.

We also run sales-driven campaigns which boost the brand and made it a competition among other online eCommerce Apps. The copywriting during this campaign was designed with the target that we had to secure sales as compared to downloads. Also, the best hashtag campaign was #BefikarShopping

Sales-Driven Campaign - OkayHai - BR

OkayHai – Online Shopping App was a project in which Brand Republic’s design & creative team came up with the idea of rebranding, we change the whole look and feel not just on social media designs but also on App. The goal is to get as many as downloads along with sales. Further, the content team targets the audience with relatable copywriting, in terms of locals’ behaviour, attitude and even language.

And guess what?

 In the year 2021, compelling copywriting & design help the brand to obtain app installs up to 20k.

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