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School Attendance Application

School Attendance Application

School time where we build knowledge, skills, and also discipline for the chosen career. Attendance mostly is the most crucial in applying discipline into school life. There is always another way to break out the attendance rules.Therefore good attenance recorn is very important for young student
and teachers.This is an app focus on user’s attendance and to help students accessing school file, attachment, and events.

Objective & Approach



Student and Teacher attendance can be critical if we keep ignoring this activity. Discipline behavior is very hard to reach, it needs some interactive communucation while putting discipline message to one activity. Well is can be easy for you who have motivation in every day.

1. Forget to fill attend form.

2. Attendance take too much time.

3. Boring activity.


Make a fun process to do attendance activity very quickly through interactive interface. And of course with reminder you can set before school begins.

1. Reminder Feature.
2. Quick Process.

3. Added some feature based on user preference.