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Students of Sweden


Students of Sweden

Objective & Approach

Student of Sweden is a brand of Sweden that are the newbies in the market of 3d customized models of cap and they also have a small store for student accessories.  The brand has every single student accessory on their website from customized caps to flags that can make student’s graduation more fun & exciting.  

The Brand Republic build the website on WordPress and integrated a 3d model via the Zakeke tool. We also created the website content and along with that, we make sure to provide the best UX experience for their customers. 

During our conversations with the client, we identified the following objectives: 


  • Design the site with a modern, sleek design that reflected the brand
  • Structure the site properly to smooth the customer journey.
  • Introduce interactive features like 3d model customization.
  • Update and SEO optimise content & images to boost SERP visibility.
  • Optimise the site for mobile devices.